Episode 9 – Amber Spears: You Need Pain to Propel Yourself to Success

Despite Amber Spear’s challenging past, she didn’t let that stop her from finding what she loves and achieving huge success in the industry of affiliate management, product launches, evergreen offers, and direct response marketing.

She is the co-founder of East 5th Avenue, a high-end, boutique affiliate management company and Mimosa, a mastermind for entrepreneurs interested in health, wellness, and personal development. 

In today’s episode, Amber walks us through her inspiring journey of going through a challenging childhood to becoming the successful entrepreneur she is today. We share our thoughts on the value of money, what it’s like to date a non-entrepreneur as an entrepreneur, and so many more interesting topics. 

“Sometimes you just need to pay for excellence. You can’t do it all yourself.” – Amber Spears

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What does money do to you?
  • Why hiring an expert is sometimes better
  • Dealing with intimidation in the industry
  • How Amber found the world of marketing
  • Amber’s childhood
  • What attracted Amber to affiliate marketing
  • The value of money
  • Entrepreneurs versus employees
  • How it feels like to date a non-entrepreneur
  • Dealing with mental issues

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