Episode 28 – You fired me and I deserved it – Brandon Fredrickson

Hold on to your hat, because this episode is a whirlwind!

Today’s guest is podcast VSL pioneer Brandon Fredrickson. 

In this episode, we talk religion, midget sports betters… and as usual, making a bunch of money with direct response marketing. 

Having a discussion is easier when you’re not screwing people over

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • How a totalled car, a message board, and “the world’s worst sales letter” generated $183,800 overnight (9:41) 
  • How “magic software” offers got kicked off ClickBank for all time (22:35) 
  • Sales letter not converting? Try the “Hero & Oppressor” angle and watch your sales take off like a rocket (24:16) 
  • 2 simple ways to increase your conversions (without relying on exaggerated promises or proof) (36:44)
  • The ritual secret for building marketing campaigns that are more addictive than cocaine (59:39) 
  • The weird reason there are almost no South African business gurus (1:18:33) 
  • Revealed: the “broken arm” method for selling with your ethics intact (1:31:13) 
  • The origin story of the podcast VSL (use this method to uncover untapped advertising methods) (1:48:22)

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