Episode 6 – Perry Belcher: Why Media Buyers and Copywriters Should be Terrified by Google’s Big Plans


Perry Belcher is a successful investor and marketing specialist in the direct response space. He’s also a best-selling author of books like “Money to Start a Business: How to Raise All the Money You’ll Ever Need to Start Your Own Business.” 

When it comes to business, he certainly knows his stuff and you can say that everything he touches turns to gold. Despite having a challenging childhood being on the brink of bankruptcy, and having a really close brush with the law, he always knew how to bounce back up. 

In today’s conversation, get to know more about Perry’s past and how he was able to achieve all his success. He also touches on interesting topics such as whether persuasion is ethical or not, and he goes on to explain why he doesn’t really consider himself a copywriter. 

“I think that nostalgia is an incredibly powerful thing.” – Perry Belcher

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What does money mean for Perry?
  • Why does being a buyer mean you’re also a good seller?
  • Perry’s challenging childhood in the suburbs
  • How Perry escaped poverty
  • How Perry lost his business and all his possessions 
  • How Perry got into copywriting
  • The ethics of persuasion
  • Why Perry considers himself a product developer more than a copywriter
  • The power of stories
  • What does nostalgia do to us?
  • The evolution of copywriting

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