Episode 5 – Laura Catella Georgi: Why It’s okay to be Money Motivated

When she was younger, Laura always thought that she would become an investment banker. That was until she found marketing and copywriting. Now, she is an 8-figure copywriter, million-dollar business owner, and copywriting & transformational development coach.

It is her calling to help fellow copywriters increase their revenue, confidence, clarity, and authority status. She loves what she’s doing and plans to keep helping more businesses and copywriters grow.

In today’s episode, we talk with Laura about her journey of coming from an average family to currently earning 8-figures in her copywriting career. She shares her tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome, which many of us are guilty of. Laura is a powerhouse and you’ll love all her golden nuggets of wisdom in this conversation. 

“Your uniqueness is what you should be doubling down on as somebody who wants to teach or lead others in any way.” – Laura Catella Georgi

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Laura got into the marketing and copywriting world
  • Dealing with your relationship with money
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome?
  • Laura’s first copywriting gig
  • Women in copywriting
  • Laura’s failures and how she dealt with them
  • Making the transition to start hiring employees
  • Laura’s end goal
  • Laura’s favorite niche to work with
  • The common limiting beliefs people have about themselves

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