Episode 14 – Justin Goff: Why I’m leaving Copy Accelerator

Justin Goff is a successful entrepreneur and copywriter who has built 4 multi-million dollar companies. Most recently, he co-ran Copy Accelerator, a high-end copy coaching program, but has recently sold his half to his partner, Stefan Georgi. 

In this episode, we talk with Justin about his childhood, his first business, and his future plans after leaving Copy Accelerator. 

From stories of his experience in business to co-running and exiting Copy accelerator, Justin shares with us his experience when he first made it big in the copywriting world and we end up talking about why for the men, making a ton of money isn’t going to make women start throwing themselves at you. 

“I’ve always kind of been of the belief that money does amplify what you are.” – Justin Goff

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Justin got into marketing
  • Being around unsupportive loved ones
  • What it feels like to make a lot of money
  • Why Justin is leaving Copy Accelerator
  • Justin’s plans for the future
  • Dealing with burnout as a Type A
  • Justin’s growth spurt in college
  • How Justin started Patriot Power Greens
  • People’s perception of making money through copywriting
  • Does making money really make you happy?

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