Episode 25 – Trolls are the gift that keeps on giving – Ben Settle

You’re still not making enough money as a copywriter? 

Let me guess… 

It started as a lust for freedom. 

You stumbled upon an ad. A YouTube video. Or maybe a book. And a whole world of opportunity opened up to you! 

You heard of copywriters making a killing with direct mail… email… VSLs… ClickBank… landing pages… funnels… Facebook Ads… Google Docs… 

And you wanted in! To all of it! 

But instead of having the free lifestyle YOU want, you felt the endless options suffocate you.

Every time you took a stand by narrowing your focus, a new “shiny object” sat you back down. 

But forget about the past. Because this moment is where it all changes. 

Bring something unique to the market or get the hell out of it – Ben Settle

In this episode, Ben Settle demonstrates how you can unlock the freedom you want by playing YOUR game. 

So if you want to start experiencing freedom instead of dreaming about it… listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • What an unethical fraudster can teach you about making clean money in the world of marketing (2:08)
  • The “swiping” mistake copywriters make that prevents you from ever becoming an A-lister (6:22)
  • How to effortlessly sell to women with the “three fat chicks” trick (it works even if you don’t know the first thing about the opposite sex) (8:38) 
  • The “spidey sense” every copywriter needs to develop for a sustainable career (19:41) 
  • Ask yourself this question to weed out sociopaths from your life forever (21:08)
  • Want to churn out 10-minute emails that make hundreds (or thousands) of dollars at a time? Do this for 2 months (warning: most copywriters lack the courage) (22:38)
  • A simple way to print money with your daily emails (even if you’re feeling uninspired, on holiday, or hung over). The best part? It takes no more than 60 seconds. (27:40) 
  • The “woman’s skirt” principle that makes it nearly impossible to send a boring email (28:34) 
  • Your customer is on FIVE HUNDRED mailing lists. Here’s how you stand out from your competition (bonus: it also makes you better in bed) (29:41) 
  • How to write endless successful promotions (without a lick of research) (35:53)
  • Why niching down is a mistake in 2022 (and how to succeed with “personality first” copywriting) (36:38) 
  • The easy way to become interesting to your readers (even if you spend most of the day playing video games and hanging with the cat) (40:19) 
  • The art of “copy trolling”: how to transmute cancel culture into winning promotions (41:30)
  • 2 ways to avoid “copywriter’s neck” (1:00:29) 
  • A 4-hour habit that feels like procrastination but makes you ruthlessly effective as a marketer (1:02:01)
  • The “cleavage for men” hack that helps you live life on easy mode (1:06:50)


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