Episode 39 – Anik Singal – Tribal Marketing is what will get you through the recession

Before Anik became a well-known speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author, he had an entrepreneurial spirit in him. From starting a lemonade stand in third grade to dropping out of a world-renowned pre-med program, Anik knew he was meant for bigger things.

Following sleepless nights, he was finally able to find the formula to make money leveraging the internet.

To date, Anik has helped over 250,000 students worldwide become millionaires and prominent business leaders in their fields. 

“The more money you make, if you don’t make it right, actually adds misery to your life.” – Anik Singal

Today, get inspired as Anik talks about his life as an entrepreneur with traditional Indian parents and how money has affected his life in both good and bad ways.

We also talk about a bunch of other exciting topics like the impending recession, and how having a daughter has changed Anik’s life. 

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Anik became an entrepreneur
  • Anik’s journey to business school
  • How Anik’s parents deal with his fame
  • Why you shouldn’t measure success through money
  • Anik’s current motivation in life
  • What it’s like for Anik to become a dad
  • Thoughts on today’s recession
  • The importance of cutting down your expenses
  • Will AI take over copywriting?

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