Episode 50 – Sam Woods – The scary truth about AI Copywriting

Everyone on the internet is currently talking about artificial intelligence, but Samuel Woods has been learning all about AI since 2019. For over 10 years, Sam has developed his own training for conversion copywriting, funnel optimization, and growth ecosystem. With his extensive knowledge in AI, he’s been exploring how AI can enhance our creativity and make us better copywriters and marketers. 

“What needs to happen is more people use AI in good and humanizing ways.” – Sam Woods

In today’s conversation, Sam answers the elephant in the room: should we be worried about AI? He also answers other commonly asked questions about AI such as whether AI can portray emotion and yes, if you can write a bestselling book using AI. 

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why Sam loves sporting his yellow glasses
  • How Sam got into marketing and copywriting
  • Sam’s first exposure to AI 
  • Should you be afraid of AI? 
  • Using AI to improve copy
  • Can AI integrate emotion in copy?
  • When is AI-generated copy considered plagiarism? 
  • Sam’s best-selling fiction book written by AI
  • How to stay ahead of AI
  • Why is AI free? 
  • The downside of AI
  • Can AI shorten the learning curve for new copywriters?
  • Other ways AI can possibly help the world with 

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