Episode 32 – The new way of doing VSL’s… that failed miserably – Peter Kell

Pirate Pete got into the online game 11 years but only got good 7 years ago. His path/journey has been a weird one. Networking led him to some rich guys who taught him how to do affiliate marketing, but he started his journey using his proprietary swipe and fill-in-the-blanks with coloured pens method… Now, he is the VSL guy at Mindvalley.

When we met in London, Peter was enthused about this new way to create VSL…

He was so confident in his new method that he was proclaiming the end of copywriters and the need to sit down and write your VSL…

Turns out Pirate Pete figured out how to make GREAT content, and copywriting is not dead yet…

This led us to talk about the need for testing small before testing BIG and the importance of failure, religion and cults and how Pete got kicked out from the Scientology centre.

Religion is how people get to heaven after they die, and brands are how you get to heaven before you die – Peter Kell

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • The sales letter that changed the trajectory of Pete’s life(16:37)
  • The person who turned Pete from a dumb skateboarder going nowhere to a dumb skateboarder going somewhere
  • How it feels to be 25 and have 7 failed businesses in a row
  • Why Pete got Kicked out of the Scientology Centre
  • Pete’s battle of faith
  • How Pete met Vishen Mindvalley CEO
  • The ONE thing that Pete needs to do for his VSLs to be successful
  • The importance of collaborations when working on VSLs
  • Why is Pete shifting some of his efforts to word-of-mouth mastery?
  • Why Pete wants to get into Crypto and fly in a private Jet

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