Poker Convinced me I'm not a Psychopath

Episode 10 – Carlos Redlich: Poker convinced me I’m not a Psychopath

Carlos Redlich is a martial artist who eventually dove into the world of marketing and found his calling there. Currently, he is an in-demand direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant, while teaching others how to become a successful copywriter like himself.

His talent, authenticity and charisma have led him to work with 6-figure startups to 9-figure huge corporations. 

In this episode, we explore Carlos’ life in the marketing world and how he transitioned from martial arts school owner to copywriting connoisseur. He also talks about lessons from poker that you can apply in copywriting, and how to know how much you should charge as a freelancer. 

“If you’ve never written copy, like ever, you’ve never written an email, you’ve never written for a client…you really shouldn’t even be charging anybody yet.” – Carlos Redlich

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Carlos got into copywriting
  • Why Carlos enjoys playing poker
  • Happiness and reaching goals
  • How Carlos transitioned to teaching copy
  • How to close deals without being pushy
  • Selling in-person versus selling via copy
  • How to charge what you’re worth

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