Episode 22 – Daniel Throssell: King of Controversy

Hey, how are you? My name’s “world’s greatest copywriting podcaster”, and I’ve been called Chris “Mr Moneyfingers” Haddad. Oh wait – did I get that backwards?

Today’s guest is Daniel Throssell. And if you’ve never heard of Daniel, you’re in for a treat. Amongst his accomplishments: 

  • Inventor of the parallel welcome sequence
  • Has been banned from mention in r/copywriting AND one of Facebook’s biggest copywriting groups
  • Once closed down, an illegal “group buy” website with a single email

In this episode, you’ll discover how to combine storytelling and controversy to print money with your emails. 

I want the email to be the experience itself – Daniel Throssell

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • How a disgruntled engineer DESTROYED experienced copywriters in a sales letter contest (without any experience) (6:24) 
  • The old school “Barfly” method of getting clients (it still works in 2022) (9:57) 
  • Why “I’ve made my clients $100M,” says almost nothing about a copywriter’s skill (15:08)
  • The weird way Daniel used classified ads to break his first 100 email subs (19:17) 
  • Two “weird & wrong” ways to write (that make your copy engaging and persuasive) (21:26) 
  • How to convince other marketers to do a list swap (even if your list is half the size) (22:54) 
  • The mythical “Parallel Welcome Sequence” which sucks readers into a “sales vortex” for hours (and turns them into superfans) (23:17) 
  • How to sell hard (and often) while building rapport with your list (27:11) 
  • The “Stealth Marketing” secret behind the P.I.G. Method’s launch success (29:52)
  • Why having a troll who hates you magically lines your pockets with cash (38:03) 
  • The “referral magnet” trick that transforms your email list into an affiliate army (warning: copywriting celebrities may *reluctantly* advertise you to their thousands of fans) (39:03) 
  • The “big dog, little dog” rule for tastefully fuelling internet drama (40:08) 
  • A devious plan to wipe course pirates off the face of the planet (it shut down one “group buy” website with a single email) (41:02)
  • Two cautionary tales for the budding copywriter: the accidental ransom note & the hatchet (54:34) 
  • How “recursive proof” helps you sell more than a dozen testimonials (1:03:03)

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