Episode 13 – JB Brown: Masculinity, Marketing and Money

JB Brown is a loving husband, proud father of three, and serial entrepreneur with a love for psychology. Being raised by a single mom, JB went through a tough childhood and eventually worked his way into the corporate world. 

When he decided to take the entrepreneurial route, he dealt with tons of failure until he learned the ropes and started acquiring businesses. Currently, JB is a serial entrepreneur, founder of the Augmentum Group, and acquires businesses with revenues of $1 Million above. 

In today’s episode, we talk with JB about a lot of important topics such as his valuable lessons in life, how it felt like not having a dad, and what his principles are when it comes to leadership. 

“If you want to get good at staying calm in a crisis and handling difficult situations, just fail a lot.” – JB Brown

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The importance of relationships in business
  • How JB got into marketing
  • JB’s experience in boarding school
  • How it feels like to be a dad
  • Happiness and money
  • Life in the corporate world
  • Dealing with workaholism 
  • Choosing the people you work with
  • JB’s advice for younger marketers

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