Episode 16 – David Garfinkel: Interview with the world’s greatest copy coach

David Garfinkel is a journalist-turned-freelance copywriter and is now a well-known copywriting coach. He is the author of the #1 bestseller on Amazon, Breakthrough Copywriting, and has been writing sales letters since 1993. For anyone looking to make money through direct response advertising, David is your guy. 

Not only is David a gifted copywriter, but also an enthusiastic musician and composer. He’s even a partner in an advertising jingle company.

In today’s conversation with David, we touch on multiple topics about copywriting, ranging from advice to fellow copywriters from David himself, to the potential future of copywriters amidst technology. 

“If you use money to protect yourself from dealing with the stuff that you need to deal with, you’re using it the wrong way.” – David Garfinkel

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The realities of life
  • Experience is better than practice
  • The problem with some new copywriters
  • The downside of success
  • One of David’s most brutal experiences
  • How David got into copywriting
  • Transition from copywriter to coach
  • The good and bad as a writer-turned-copywriter
  • Knowing yourself and empathizing with others
  • Life in the East coast versus the West coast
  • Creativity in copywriting
  • Advice to people who can’t say “no”
  • Will copywriters disappear due to artificial intelligence?
  • Advice to new copywriters in the industry

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