Episode 45 – Ryan Lee – If you could go back before the internet, would you?

Ryan Lee is equally as passionate about business and his family. He is very well-known in the internet marketing and wellness space. Through his passion for both fitness and business, he started REWIND, a company that helps people feel good through its award-winning greens. Ryan just recently sold REWIND to pursue other ventures. 

After a hiatus in the marketing world, Ryan is ready to take the industry again by storm by bringing back his name and starting a podcast.

“Pretty much every single business decision I’ve made is based around my family.” – Ryan Lee

In today’s episode with Ryan, we talk about all things business and family. He shares how he has been able to successfully juggle those two most important aspects in his life while staying grounded. Ryan also gives us a sneak peek of his plans for the near future and what success means to him. 

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The importance of authenticity
  • Ryan’s background as an athlete
  • Learning to not take things personally
  • Does having kids affect Ryan’s business decisions?
  • The downside of big businesses
  • How Ryan manages business and family life
  • How does Ryan feel about being 50? 
  • Making money in coaching
  • Ryan’s goals for the future
  • What’s Ryan’s definition of success?
  • What legacy does Ryan want to leave? 
  • Life without technology
  • What is Ryan most proud of? 
  • Ryan’s encounter with Hilary Swank

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