Episode 4 – Colin Theriot: How To Start an Ethical Cult

Colin Theriot has always had a fascination for cults and magic tricks. So really it was no surprise when he started the FB group called “Cult of Copy” when he entered the marketing world. Through this group, he aims to consult and mentor people who want to use persuasion and influence to increase their business success while increasing their freedom as well. 

Colin “cut his teeth” in the marketing world back in the “OG” days with the work he did for Andy Jenkins and Stompernet

In today’s conversation with Colin, we talked a lot about the “dark side” of copywriting which most copywriters tend to avoid talking about. We talk about the science behind persuasion and what matters the most in marketing and sales. You’ll learn a lot from this truly transparent and honest conversation 

“Persuasion is inherently dishonest.” – Colin Theriot

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Colin got into the marketing world
  • Colin’s interest in con artistry
  • The psychology of persuasion
  • The truth behind faith healing
  • What matters the most in marketing and sales?
  • Getting on stage as a copywriter
  • How Colin built his membership site
  • Colin’s biggest learning in his career
  • The importance of creating a persona for yourself
  • How to sell your copywriting services
  • What success means to Colin

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