Episode 7 – Scott Rewick: How to Scale Your Business when your spouse hates you

Scott Rewick, who many refer to as the “scaling guy,” has been able to run and scale several companies including Metareward which sold for $30M and NetBlue which grew from zero to $120M. 

Not only does he understand the ins and outs of scaling a business, he is also one of the early pioneers of affiliate marketing and online direct response advertising. He also offers consulting services and is an active Angel Investor for growing companies.

In today’s episode, we talk about Scott, the man behind-the-scenes. Not only has he been able to achieve great financial success, but has also been through some lows in life. He shares with us how businesses can scale and what makes a leader great in any organization.

“If you’re not scaling, you’re probably failing.” – Scott Rewick

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Scott Rewick?
  • How incentives work
  • Scott’s first big failure
  • Getting sued by Oprah
  • How Scott got fired from his own company 
  • Going through divorce
  • How do businesses scale?
  • What makes Scott a great leader?
  • Scott’s relationship with anger
  • Scott’s love for jiu jitsu
  • The biggest mistake of businesses that prevents them from scaling 
  • What it feels like to have a supportive romantic partner

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