Episode 51 – Jason Moffat – Country Songs, Poker and Cash

Jason Moffatt is a direct marketing expert, internet marketing coach, and aspiring country singer. He’s tried making money from all things under the sun from poker to teaching people magic tricks. 

Jason’s gift for internet marketing has opened many doors for him including helping his fellow entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet. His passion is in creating harmonious business relationships that are a win-win for everybody.

“I don’t want to be involved in anything where I don’t feel like everybody’s winning.” – Jason Moffatt

In today’s conversation, we talked with Jason about his journey into the entrepreneurial and marketing world. He also shares with us his thoughts about AI and why writing music and copywriting are so similar. 

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Jason got into direct marketing
  • Jason’s success in the poker niche
  • Jason’s family background
  • How Jason made money through magic tricks
  • Jason’s friendship with Frank Kern
  • How to network successfully
  • Pros and cons of being open online
  • Becoming a country singer
  • Telling stories through country music
  • Adapting a win-win mindset
  • How AI will revolutionize the world
  • Why traffic will be a thing of the past

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