Episode 26 – How Copywriting Changes Your Brain – Parris Lampropoulos

Copy is more than a way to make money. 

It changes how you see the world. 

So if you want to predict elections, separate crackpot conspiracy theories from the truth, or repair your relationships… listen up. 

Because you’re about to get a hell of a copy education. 

Today’s guest Parris Lampropoulos sits on Brin Kurz’s “Mount Rushmore of Copywriters”. He’s widely regarded as one of the greatest copywriters alive. 

You don’t know what you’re doing until you sit down and reverse engineer it.

In this episode, we discuss getting your start in copywriting, the… *interesting* ways Parris trains his copy cubs, and the weird & wonderful ways copywriting changes how you see the world. 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • One habit for multiplying your chances of copywriting success (nearly every A-list copywriter has done this 2 or more times) (6:21) 
  • The fastest way to improve your copywriting skills. All it takes is a credit card, a keyboard… and balls the size of coconuts (9:12) 
  • Heading to a live event? Secure your next gig by writing a “5 bucks and a pat on the head” letter (13:40) 
  • The “lizard and the gatekeeper” principle for producing high-converting copy (18:39) 
  • How to hold your audience’s attention for hours at a time with these 7 “possibly threatening” techniques (26:21)
  • 3 weird signs you’ll become a highly paid copywriter (38:09)
  • Dedicate 50 hours to these three skills and you’ll never write weak copy again (skill #1 starts with drawing stick figures) (39:54) 

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