Episode 23 – Fear is only a dream – Matt Bockenstette

Warning: this episode touches on some dark themes.

But stick around, and you’re bound to find marketing gold. Because you’ll get a glimpse into the human psyche that you won’t find in any copywriting book. 

Today’s guest is Matt Bockenstette, the man behind Copy Legends. 

In this episode, we discuss tragedy, suffering and addiction. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Because on the other side of tragedy, you’ll discover deep empathy. The kind of empathy that’ll help you build your next blockbuster promotion. 

If you understand the human experience in yourself, you’ll be able to write about it to others. It changes the game – Matt

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to access a steady flow of high-intent leads for your supplement offer… without investing a cent in ads or posting on social media (1:18) 
  • The “open book” method for honestly & ethically making millions in one of the world’s scummiest industries (4:37) 
  • 2 proven strategies to become an effective copywriter from scratch (even if you never pick up a marketing book) (5:22) 
  • From the archives: Chris’ “Kill Your Alarm Clock” letter (steal this angle if you sell to entrepreneurs) (12:03)
  • The weird way suffering is more comfortable than solving your problems (23:45) 
  • How Gary Halbert’s letter-sorting method helps you overcome adversity (35:15) 
  • Why getting your ass kicked lets you effortlessly write high-converting copy (40:30) 
  • How to write world-class copy with the help of hot coal and frog poison!? (48:01)
  • Why bingeing trashy rom-coms does more for your marketing skill than re-reading Breakthrough Advertising 12 times (50:06)

And while you’re here, Matt’s got a special offer just for you. Head to www.copylegends.com and reply to his welcome email with “Chris sent me”. You’ll get free access to the Copy Legends app where you’ll find a ton of great resources. 

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