Episode 3 – Aaron Parkinson

Aaron grew up a competitive athlete in a middle-class family of entrepreneurs with his dad being involved in the beverage distribution world. He grew up in Canada where his dad distributed various brands like Pepsi, Snapple and other brands to grocery stores. Through this Aaron got to meet a lot of successful business people and that started the planting of the seeds.

Currently, Aaron is the CEO at 7 Mile Media where he helps successful businesses make more money through digital marketing.

Today, we talk to Aaron about how he went from someone who only knew how to play sports, bartend and car sales to getting into the entrepreneurial space of helping other entrepreneurs dominate their industry. He also discusses his launch of one of the first online marketing education platforms in

“ So I’ve come to this conclusion that when you’re acting like an asshole, God will not reward you with more abundance. If anything, he or she will give you a timeout in your room to go think about your actions.” — Aaron Parkinson

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Aarons early life
  • Aaron Trying UFC and mixed martial arts
  • Selling cars
  • How he is a bad employee
  • Getting into network Marketing
  • Selling personal development courses
  • His limiting beliefs
  • How his wife supported his business
  • The digital marketing education platform
  • Business timeouts 
  • What is money to you?
  • 5F’s

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