Episode 2 – Julian Reyes

Julian Reyes has lived an interesting, not-so-ordinary life before he entered the world of marketing and copywriting. From being a subject in a science experiment to becoming labelled a criminal, to shifting to musical theatre, he’s had his fair share of crazy life experiences.

Despite all of his trials, Julian didn’t let that stop him. In fact, it made him stronger as a person. And when he learned all about marketing and writing copy, he fell in love. Currently, Julian is a successful 9-figure writer and enjoys what he’s doing.

Today’s conversation revolves around a wide range of fun and diverse topics from Julian being a test subject of the famous B.F. Skinner to him sharing his thoughts on money and success.

“The secret to life is figuring out what you’re not good at and then figuring out how not to do those.” – Julian Reyes

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Julian’s eventful childhood
  • Being part of a science experiment
  • Life as a criminal
  • Making the shift to musical theatre
  • Julian’s life as a pickup artist
  • Getting into marketing and copywriting
  • The importance of knowing your weaknesses
  • What success means to Julian
  • Creativity and marketing
  • Talks about money, life and identity

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