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Episode 52 – Stephen Somers – Marketing, Religion and Death

Stephen Somers is the CEO and co-founder of Marketplace Superheroes, a company that helps people build successful businesses by selling on Amazon. Together with his business partner, Robert Rickey, they have worked with over 8,000 members. 

Stephen and Robert teach from their experience of building their own 8-figure Amazon business, which has generated over $12 million dollars from physical product sales. 

Today, we talk about more than just business with Stephen. Get to know Stephen before he started Marketplace Superheroes and what drives him to keep going. 

We also share our thoughts about the future of AI, the meaning of life, and whether science is real or not. 

“I think all you can do is to give people principles that work and let them go from there.” – Stephen Somers

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Stephen Somers? 
  • How much Stephen’s business makes per year
  • Stephen’s childhood in Ireland
  • Why Stephen stopped playing music
  • One of Stephen’s lowest points in life
  • How Stephen got into marketing and e-commerce
  • Stephen’s future advice to his kids
  • What drives Stephen? 
  • How success has impacted Stephen’s friendships
  • What AI is never going to replace
  • Thinking about mortality
  • Talks about science and the mystery of the universe
  • One of the scariest things about the world right now

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