Episode 1 – Pauline Longdon

Before she became the successful copywriter she is today, Pauline Longdon used to serve in the military for 14 years as a trauma nurse. She loved helping people but soon fell into depression and almost ended her life. In a turn of events, Pauline found copywriting and fell in love.

Currently, Pauline is a rising star in the global copywriting scene and continues to turn heads with her amazing talent and humble personality. 

In today’s conversation with Pauline, we talk about her challenging past in dealing with her sexuality and battling depression. We learn about her journey into becoming a copywriter and why it pays to find your “unshakeable why” amidst all the challenges in life.

“I wouldn’t change a thing because it is exactly what’s made me what I am today and who I am today” – Pauline Longdon

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Pauline found copywriting
  • Pauline’s life in the military
  • Battling through depression
  • Pauline dealing with her sexuality
  • Pauline’s “unshakeable why”
  • How did it feel to become successful? 
  • What is Pauline’s proudest moment in life? 
  • Why Pauline never calls herself the “best”
  • Writing for women versus writing for men
  • The long process of writing copy
  • The worst piece of advice given to young copywriters nowadays

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