Episode 24 – Laura Betterly: “Call me the spam queen”

Marketing tactics change, but principles never die. 

You might think tactics from the “Wild West” days of internet marketing don’t apply in 2022. But you’d be wrong. 

In this episode, “spam queen” Laura Betterly talks music, SaaS and marketing. And if you pay close attention, you’ll discover timeless principles that still crush today. 

Copywriting is easy. You just sit and look at the screen until blood comes from your eyes. – Laura

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “music is the star” principle for making big bucks in online marketing (without ever showing your face) (17:33) 
  • Make this tweak to your SaaS marketing and instantly boost profits (without changing your price or attracting new customers) (20:49) 
  • A risqué subject line that practically forces your prospects to open your emails (25:26) 
  • What are you *really* selling? The common advertising mistake which could be killing your conversions. (25:52)
  • The weird way getting attacked by the press makes you millions of dollars (27:04)
  • Why slapping a marketer in the face instantly establishes your credibility as an expert (41:51) 
  • The “taxman” method for doubling your revenue (or getting rid of a**hole clients) (43:49) 
  • Two ways to outcompete HubSpot on a bootstraper’s budget (46:41) 
  • How to successfully launch dozens of unique offers by repeating the same old story (52:36)
  • The “51/49” rule for a harmonious business partnership (54:27) 
  • Why overpaying your team cuts your payroll expenses in half  (59:11) 
  • Jeff Bezos’ sneaky trick for slashing your churn rate (steal this for your SaaS) (1:06:31) 

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