Episode 30 Behind the scenes of Six Pack Shortcuts Secrets – Johnson Li

It’s not every day an 8-figure direct response powerhouse appears out of nowhere. 

So when it happens, you pay attention. 

Today’s guest is former CMO of Six Pack Shortcuts, Johnson Li. 

In this episode, we talk face exercises, sneaker culture and Michael Fiore dildos. And of course, you’ll discover the behind-the-scenes secrets of one of the most successful fitness offers of all time. 

If you guys have something that works, don’t try to be a genius. Test what’s working – Johnson 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why pre-owned sneakers sell for $1800 even if they’re $200 new (apply this principle to charge more for your products) (3:52) 
  • The weird reason why filming your next course with a cellphone helps you make more money (10:17) 
  • The “Assumptive Close” technique that increased Six Pack Shortcuts’ revenue by $1,500 a day without email or ads (15:32) 
  • Why your creative department is a massive waste of money (and how to instantly profit more, just by changing the team name) (18:23) 
  • The “12x” method that practically guarantees your VSL will print money (30:42) 
  • Sick of offers that die out after a few months? Run an offer in this niche instead, and it could pay you for the next 10 years (33:39) 
  • Why showing a dumbbell in your fitness VSL kills conversions (35:42) 
  • 3 “niching” techniques that transform a dead offer into a fresh source of cash (46:40)
  • The “odd question” close that destroys objections on the phone (or on your sales page) (53:31) 

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