Episode 34 – Adam Lipinski – I hated you for 9 years and I have to thank you for it.

After getting a medical sales job and making it big, Adam Lipinski knew he was meant to do more. With the determination and interest in earning money on the internet, Adam dove right into the world of copywriting and found his calling.

Today, Adam is a well-known, world-class copywriter and has never regretted leaving his comfortable sales job. Adam currently writes for Tarot Reading Daily, the leading website for oracle readings.


“If you’re not going to appreciate what you have now, you can’t appreciate it when you have 10 times more money.”


In this episode, we talk with Adam about our evolving friendship over the years and how time really does heal all wounds. We’ve had a rather challenging journey together and Adam shares with us his struggles and successes as a world-renowned copywriter.


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Adam?
  • How Adam got into copywriting
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Difficulties of living up in the mountains
  • Why copy isn’t a “biz op”
  • Kill or be killed?
  • Working with tarot readings and astrology
  • Adam’s journey through personal development
  • Adam’s support system
  • What it feels like getting older

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