Episode 11

Episode 11 – Brad Howard & Josh Rosenburg: A Drunken Shitshow

Ladies and Gents, brace yourself. This episode is a little different from the previous episodes and the episodes to come.

Today I am speaking with Brad Howard and Josh Rosenburg, two colleagues who I met during my time in the “seduction syndicate” when we were in the relationship market.

Josh ran an offer called Pornstar Sex life where he had pornstars teaching people how to have sex. He is now working primarily as a fractional CMO for a few companies and Brad is the dude behind a good chunk of the top Clickbank offers for some time now.

Both of these guys are heavy hitters you probably don’t know about, both of them are talented, funny charismatic and have a bunch of really useful insights to share, your challenge today might be getting the nuggets from our conversation given the fact we were all drinking through the episode. 

In this episode, we explore life and marketing lessons from some veterans who have “success” from running offers to dominating a market.  

“The hardest thing to overcome in anything is your self-doubt – Brad Howard

“A lot of the reason people fail is their lack of accountability” – Josh Rosenburg

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How many Entrepreneurs are “chemically enhanced”
  • What it’s like to be a Mastermind
  • The power and benefit of experience
  • The most difficult thing to do in marketing
  • Why you should NEVER take a royalty deal as a “copywriter”
  • Why you should NOT call yourself a copywriter
  • Why you should stay in your lane and work to your strengths
  • What is a fractional CMO
  • The importance of Results in Marketing
  • Integrity and when things go wrong
  • The difference between Infoproducts and Consumables
  • What qualifies as “Blackhat”
  • Waxing and Pilonidal Cysts

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