Episode 21 – The 7 Traits of Highly Paid Copywriters – Brian Kurtz

Over and over again, you’ll hear how hard it is to land clients as a copywriter. Maybe you even believe it yourself. 

But the truth is, getting clients is easy. You just need to display the right traits. 

And if you’re not landing as many clients as you want, it’s because you’re not ticking off the criteria in your prospect’s mental checklist. 

Today’s guest is Brian Kurtz. After 30+ years at Boardroom Inc, he’s worked with nearly every A-list copywriter you could name. So he’s got plenty of advice for new and experienced copywriters alike. 

In this wide-ranging conversation, you’ll discover the 7 characteristics direct-response powerhouses look for when they’re hiring a writer. 

As soon as you think marketing is easy, you’re gonna get bit. – Brian Kurtz

So if you’re ready to get clients on command, listen now! 

Episode highlights include: 

  • Two “weird” books that’ll make you a better copywriter (even though they’ve got nothing to do with marketing)  (13:24) 
  • The “batshit crazy” copywriter’s method for deeply understanding your market (without ever talking to them) (18:26) 
  • The fastest way for a newbie copywriter to close clients on command (24:45)
  • How the “fuzzy yellow balls” principle lets you outcompete A-listers (even if you have half the skill) (25:33) 
  • Understand these principles to go from “starving copywriter” to “trusted advisor” (26:56) 
  • The 40, 40, 20 Rule which determines the success of any campaign (29:18) 
  • How to get 50%+ lifts in your conversions (without changing the offer or list) (31:25) 
  • Revealed: the greatest copywriter of all time (37:26) 
  • The most dangerous number in all of marketing (it can bankrupt your business in a day) (47:36) 
  • Why top email marketers are turning to physical mail in 2022 (48:16) 
  • The lucrative “secret mailing list” all digital marketers have access to (but almost never contact) (52:19)
  • Why offering “free work” almost never lands your dream mentorship (and what to do instead) (54:43) 
  • A simple Clickbank hack that stops unethical offer owners from pulling the rug on your royalty fees (1:04:50) 
  • 2 surefire ways to escape burnout as a freelance copywriter (1:10:32) 

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